The Mark Andrew Kreusch Memorial Fund was founded by his family to honor Mark’s life and spirit. Mark was four years old when his life suddenly ended in a boating accident on August 11, 2007. Mark loved his family, his friends, and embraced life by enjoying all that he did. His zest for life shined through his smile and giggle. Mark’s parents vowed to keep his spirit alive by enriching the lives of other children. His family and friends will miss him dearly. Their dream is to continue his legacy. Through various projects the fund will “Leave a MARK on a child’s life”.


advisory Committee

An advisory committee meets semi-annually to discuss and plan the fundraisers and projects for the Mark A. Kreusch Memorial Fund. The committee is always open to new ideas for fundraising as well as information on the needs of the children in our community. Please send an email to info@markkreusch.com to inform the committee of any fundraising or project ideas. We welcome your input!


Bill & Liz Anderson, Tony & Jennifer Argue, Chris & Sarah Cerar, Pete & Sherri Cerar, Chuck and Beth Gochenouer, Scott & Tara Kaskocsak, Brad & Jennifer Midtlien, John & Kim Miller, Jim & Cara Powers


Through the memory of Mark Andrew Kreusch, our mission is to enrich the lives of children by investing in programs, facilities and services that provide children the opportunities and resources to grow, learn and play in a safe and healthy environment.


Ambassador Program

The MAK Ambassador Program is a group of high school seniors and juniors who have decided they want to give some of their limited free time to support the mission of the MAK Fund and leave a MARK on a child’s life. Our goal is to help these high-potential students gain some valuable life skills and support them as they grow from young adults into role models who will then continue to make an impact on their communities. By participating in this program, the students get a firsthand understanding of the organizations that the MAK Fund provides grants for our community. Additionally, this special group of high school students is responsible for organizing and hosting the MAK Fund’s annual Miles for Mark 5K fundraiser every spring.
MAK Ambassadors learn valuable lessons like how to interact with adults in a non-household environment, to plan and execute a community event, and ask for and collect monetary donations from non-family members.