Life moves fast! Boy, isn’t that the truth! We are totally amazed at how each year goes by so quickly. This year marks the 15th anniversary of Mark’s accident. How can this be possible!? He would be 19 years old right now and ready to turn 20. We are truly amazed at the success of the Mark Kreusch Memorial Fund. The fund has come a long way in 15 years!

Enriching the lives of children is our mission! Each year we grant money to local organizations that help children. Our goal is to “Leave a MARK on a child’s life!”. In 2008 and in 2009, the fund gave grants away totaling $3,000 each year. For the past five years, our grants have totaled an average of $45,000 per year! WOW! We have supported nearly 60 organizations with more than 110 grants and scholarships in the past 15 years that total over $400,000. This isn’t possible without our donors who have amazed us! And you all continue to amaze us year after year! More than 4,800 donations have been made to Mark’s fund. Without this continued support, the fund would not be able to help so many children live fuller lives through our grants. We carefully choose the organizations to help, and in most instances, we build relationships with these organizations that last for years. Collectively, all of our donors should take pride in the changes Mark’s fund makes in the community as each donor and each donation is a part of every grant!

So, as we reflect on these past 15 years, we are overwhelmed and amazed with the continued support and the opportunities that the fund has been able to support. “The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” (Helen Keller) Our hearts are full with joy at the success of the MAK FUND! We thank you for your continued support as it would not be possible without it! It may be hard to imagine what our 4-year-old Mark would look like now, but we know that he is helping “Leave a Mark” on children all over our community!

– Jon & Suzie Kreusch