2022 – Girl Scouts of Western Ohio – Girl Scouts mission is to build girls of courage, confidence, and character who make the world a better place.  The grant is for 10 scholarships to a summer camp experience.  This grant invests in girls in the following way:  providing full resident camp scholarships, offering case management services such as paperwork assistance, free medical physicals, free camping supplies and transportation, and hosting family engagement activities to introduce families to camp, camp staff, safety and logistics.

2022 – Kids in New Direction (KIND) – KIND is dedicated to improving the lives of young people by building a foundation in Christianity through education and life experiences that will encourage them to change the world for good. KIND is a free inner-city youth organization that provides free services for K- 6th grade students. KIND is currently open to any child from kindergarten to 6th grade who lives in zip codes 45403 and 45410. Many of Dayton’s children face significant challenges towards their development such as food insecurity, academic gaps, English as a second language, limited home supervision, transportation barriers, lack of financial resources for extracurricular activities, and nearby crime and drug use. The children need positive and stable relationships, support systems, and experiences to help them overcome those challenges and thrive to their full potential.  KIND features an after school program, a summer program, mentoring program, neighborhood improvement program, and family support program. The MAK Fund grant provided Chromebooks, so each child has one to use while in the KIND classrooms.  Google technologies are being used at no cost to KIND.  Students also use the Google platform in Dayton Public Schools. With the purchase of the Chromebooks, students are able to improve in their reading, comprehension and feel successful in school due to constant monitoring and help with assignments.

2022 – The Montgomery County Juvenile Court CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate) – This program is dedicated to the principle that every child is entitled to have a permanent home and family and to be free from abuse and neglect.  Through the Program, judge-appointed volunteers watch over and advocate for these children as they endure tumultuous times in their lives. For many children, their CASA volunteer will be the one constant adult presence in their lives, advocating on the child’s behalf to achieve a permanent living situation.   When children are removed from their homes due to an allegation of abuse and /or neglect many times they are given a trash bag to place a few of their personal items. If a child is placed in kinship home (family or friend of parent) that family may lack the financial resources to provide for the necessities for the additional child(ren).   These necessities include, jackets, diapers, personal hygiene products, school supplies, and food card for supermarkets.  This grant provided the financial backing to purchase these necessities for these children.

2022 – Dayton Contemporary Dance Company – The Dayton Contemporary Dance Company is a culturally diverse contemporary dance company committed to reaching the broadest audience through exceptional performance and arts-integrated education.  This grant will help produce three unique, inspiring, and inspirational coloring books to show school children how to stay healthy and fit for life and school.  As COVID brough about shutdowns of schools for over a year, mental and physical health has become more important than ever before.  Coloring books will be distributed to schools throughout Dayton to educate children on the importance of whole body health.

2022 – My Future. My Game. – This program is about creating strategic alliance initiatives for the sport of golf for communities of color and multicultural  talents. These opportunities open doors and create platforms for a greater comfort level of education and career development with the game of golf and the golf industry. This grant is helping to fund the golf program and provide golf equipment.

2022 – Hannah’s Treasure Chest/ Beds for Babies – Hannah’s Treasure Chest is a nonprofit organization which enriches the lives of children in need by providing care packages of clothes, shoes, books, safety equipment and hygiene items including diapers through a network of more than 70 partners throughout southwest Ohio.  The Beds for Babies program distributes cribs, mattresses, toddler beds and linens to 70 community partners.  This grant provided over 100 children with a bed and linens!

2022 – The Victory Project, Inc. – The Victory Project was founded in 2007 as a faith-based nonprofit. Serving disadvantaged young men in the inner-city of Dayton,  it offers classes & activities such as tutoring, business courses, & bible studies five nights a week. This “family” sits down for dinner each weeknight. Additionally, it has started a micro business, Victory Improvement Projects, where our young men gain valuable work experience. Students are paired up with a Program Director (PD) who oversees the student’s experience at the program. He or she are responsible for the daily programming for the youth.PDs are responsible for up to 15 students and encourage the family style of relationship building – a “positive gang” so to speak. Each month, the PD is encouraged to take his team out for a Team Building Activity.to encourage comradery and bonding among students and staff. Team Building outings typically incorporate dinner together, followed by a fun activity. We currently have 3 PD’s who are given a monthly budget  for their dinner and activity. If all the allotted monies are not spent, the remaining balance rolls over, giving the PD an opportunity to take the boys out for a larger (or more costly) activity. This grant paid for the entire year of outings for each “positive gang”!   

2022 – Catholic Social Services of Miami Valley – Catholic Social Services of the Miami Valley’s goal is to combat the problems neighbors face every day: poverty, hunger, infant mortality, addiction, family violence, unemployment, and too many others. The MAK Fund gift is being used towards the general fund. 

2021 – Dayton Holocaust Resource Center – The Dayton Holocaust Resource Center provides, free of charge, educational materials including books, videos, and lesson plans for teachers, students and researchers in order to promote and facilitate Holocaust education in the classroom.  This grant provided the funding to donate sets of classroom books to eight local schools.

2021 – KIND – KIND is dedicated to improving the lives of young people by building a foundation in Christianity through education and life experiences that will encourage them to change the world for good. KIND is a free inner-city youth organization that provides free services for K- 6th grade students. KIND is currently open to any child from kindergarten to 6th grade who lives in zip codes 45403 and 45410. Many of Dayton’s children face significant challenges towards their development such as food insecurity, academic gaps, English as a second language, limited home supervision, transportation barriers, lack of financial resources for extracurricular activities, and nearby crime and drug use. The children need positive and stable relationships, support systems, and experiences to help them overcome those challenges and thrive to their full potential.  KIND features an afterschool program, a summer program, mentoring program, neighborhood improvement program, and family support program. The MAK Fund grant provided Chromebooks, so each child has one to use while in the KIND classrooms.  Google technologies are being used at no cost to KIND.  Students also use the Google platform in Dayton Public Schools. With the purchase of the Chromebooks, students are able to improve in their reading, comprehension and feel successful in school due to constant monitoring and help with assignments.

2021 – Victory Project – The Victory Project was founded in 2007 as a faith-based nonprofit. Serviing disadvantaged young men in the inner-city of Dayton,  it offers classes & activities such as tutoring, business courses, & bible studies five nights a week. This “family” sits down for dinner each weeknight. Additionally, it has started a micro business, Victory Improvement Projects, where our young men gain valuable work experience.  Students are paired up with a Program Director (PD) who oversees the student’s experience at the program. He or she are responsible for the daily programming for the youth.PDs are responsible for up to 15 students and encourage the family style of relationship building – a “positive gang” so to speak. Each month, the PD is encouraged to take his team out for a Team Building Activity.to encourage comradery and bonding among students and staff.  Team Building outings typically incorporate dinner together, followed by a fun activity. We currently have 3 PD’s who are given a monthly budget  for their dinner and activity. If all the allotted monies are not spent, the remaining balance rolls over, giving the PD an opportunity to take the boys out for a larger (or more costly) activity. This grant paid for the entire year of outings for each “positive gang”!   

2021 – Therapeutic Riding Institute, Inc. (TRI) –  TRI’s mission is enhancing lives by providing accredited therapeutic equine experience in a safe, fun and compassionate environment.  The certified instructors provide therapeutic and adaptative riding lessons, as well as equine-assisted learning opportunities to students who live with a variety of cognitive, physical, and behavioral challenges.  The grant provided the funds to build a round outdoor arena to utilize for the therapeutic horseback riding lessons.  This allowed TRI to add more classes and increase the number of students that will benefit from therapeutic horseback riding,

2021 – Learning Tree Farm – Learning Tree Farm is a traditional, working farm that engages people in hands-on, nature-based education.  The farm hosts and educates school children, homeschool groups, parent groups, gardening clubs, families and community members all ages throughout the year with a variety of events.   This grant provided free access to the farm’s 2021 Spring and Fall Family Adventure Series (SFFAS) for low to moderate-income families. 

2021 – Christ Child Society – The Christ Child Society is a national volunteer organization dedicated to helping children in need. This grant provided funds to assist in their Clothe-A-Child program. This program provides vouchers to the children for coats, shoes and school uniforms to be redeemed at local JCPenny stores.

2021 – The Riding Centre – The riding Centre provides a foundation in safe-riding, care and management of horses through affordable lessons to children and adults of diverse capabilities. Students are referred by special education teachers, doctors, physical therapists and caregivers.  This grant will help the Riding Centre provide this service to these children.

2021 – Five Rivers Metroparks – Five Rivers Metroparks mission is to protect the Dayton region’s natural heritage and provide outdoor experiences that inspire a personal connected with nature.  This grant provided the needed enhancements to the Hills and Dales Metropark’s nature play area thus improving the play experience.  The goal is to provide another outlet for outdoor play which results in less behavioral and health problems in our youth.

2021 – Crayons to Classrooms – The Crayons to Classrooms mission is to provide and distribute school supplies at no cost to teachers of students in need within the greater Dayton area.  Teachers may “shop” at the resource center for their students in need.  Our grant helped purchase these school supplies.

2021 – Ronald McDonald House Charities Dayton – The mission of the RMHC is to provide community, comfort and hope to families of seriously ill children.  The Ronald McDonald House and the Family Rooms in Dayton Children’s and Miami Valley Hospital provide many of the amenities of home.  These include meals, showers, laundry facilities, and Wi-Fi to work from without the commute.  This way families can focus on what matters most – their hospitalized child. We are happy to help fulfill this mission and donate to their program.

2021 – Ohio YMCA Youth and Program (YG) – The mission of the program is to help create the next generation of thoughtful, educated, and active young citizens who are ready to have a voice in their local government sand communities. Students in this program focus on their passion for issues in the community and on learning how to prepare bills in direct correlation to those issues.  They participate in debates, service-learning projects, local fundraising efforts, and state assembly preparation.  Local government officials visit to provide knowledge about important processes and our nation’s justice system.  After the culminating of the classroom preperation, the students attend a yearly state Assembly at the statehouse in Columbus, OH.  They participate in mock committee meetings and procedures.  They hold positions in different youth government branches such as executive, judicial, legislative , lobbyist, media/press and page.  They debate and vote on bills on the House and Senate floors.  This grant provides scholarships to students to participate in this program.

2020 – Dayton Metro Library – The Trotwood Library project was to build a “nature play” area at their new facility.  Nature play spaces blend elements from the earth (logs, rocks, plants, etc) into a safe designated area for children to play, explore and imagine. The goal was to offer a positive story to the community by building part of the park from tornado damaged trees.  These tree remnants will be carved into different shapes. This park will offer a safe environment for creative outdoor play and a healthy alternative to the traditional park. 

2020- Kind –  A van was purchased to transport students to and from the center.  KIND is an after school program in East Dayton that provides a safe environment for after school activities.  The van allows the program to reach children outside of the surrounding neighborhood. 

2020 – Summit Academy Community School – (rebuild of library due to May 2019 tornadoes) As a result of the tornadoes in May 2019, there was some damage caused to the school building resulting in broken windows and damaged roof over the school.  Due to the damage, the school library was exposed to water damage and mold, making the library unsafe for the staff and students. This grant provided new bookshelves and books so that the library can service the students and teachers at this school. 

2020 – Helping Hands –  Helping Hands of Dayton supports families in the Greater Dayton Region who are faced with an unexpected hospital stay and are admitted to the Neonatal or Pediatric Intensive Care Units (ICU) at Dayton Children’s Hospital, Kettering Hospital and Miami Valley Hospital. The Care Kits are filled with personal care items and a voucher to purchase food or other personal necessities at the hospital and are designed to support these families through the first 12 hours of an unexpected hospital stay. The Care Kits were designed with the help of the nursing staff at Dayton Children‟s Hospital and Miami Valley Hospital and provided information on which items would be most beneficial to parents at this critical time. 


2020 -City Wide Development Corp – This project will replace extremely outdated and broken playground equipment in a newly revitalized park in Madden Hills.  Replacing the playground equipment will provide children throughout this community with a safe recreation opportunity, right in the middle of neighborhood. It is easily accessible for pedestrians and near a local school. Families currently visit the park and utilize the play structure in consistent numbers; if the neighborhood is able to replace the equipment, they would be ensuring that the children visiting this park would have access to safe and updated playground equipment.

2020 – Christ Child Society – Through the Clothe-a-Child Program, the Christ Child Society of Dayton provides coat vouchers ($40), shoe vouchers ($40), and school uniform vouchers ($50) to the neediest children of the Miami Valley. Social Workers and school principals vet the families and distribute the vouchers to them for redemption at local JC Penny stores.  Each fall numbered vouchers are given to social workers and school principals for distribution. The vouchers are diligently tracked by both the organization and JC Penny staff to ensure a child receives only one voucher for a particular clothing item. Due to our partnership with JC Penny, families receive the best price available. Items may not be later exchanged for cash or credit, helping to ensure that the vouchers are used for their intended purpose, clothing a child. All vouchers are utilized by the end of December.  Our goal is to provide as many children in fragile economic circumstances with vouchers for much needed clothing.

2020 – Kids in New Directions (KIND) –  This after school program had to revamp their curriculum real quick when school were suddenly closed due to COVID-19.  Tablets were desperately needed to help with social distancing while helping the students stay abreast of their school work.  A full set of tablets were purchased that were compatible with their schools.

2020 – Victory Project –  An extra grant was given to Victory Project to provide food, cleaning supplies and necessities to VP families during the COVID-19 pandemic when it was difficult to purchase these items. 

2020 – Kettering Backpack Program – The COVID-19 pandemic hit and the Kettering Backpack Program responded. We ensured children were still able to get weekend bags by working with the Kettering School Lunch Program. This ranged from an ever-evolving plan such as distribution sites and following school buses delivering the school lunches. The Kettering Backpack Program saw the need for food and continued providing weekend bags throughout the summer.  Our grant provided the funding to fill these bags!


2020 – Brigid’s Path –  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Brigid’s Path was overwhelmed with newborns. This grant funded the purchase of a second cardiorespiratory baby monitor.

2019 – Northridge Local School District – North Dayton was hit by a tornado over Memorial Day weekend in 2019.  This left many families displaced and others with major damage to their homes.  To help these families in this time of need, the MAK fund provided funding for school logo t-shirts and sweatshirts for students.  This helped provide back to school clothing for these students!

Designated for the purchase of the Shumsky t-shirts and sweatshirts (benefits, if any, declined)

2019 – KIND – Kids In New Directions While schools and communities are making progress, there are still very few opportunities for children in the inner city of Dayton. Often these families struggle to find programs for their children because of the barriers created by expense, transportation or exclusion of children with behavioral problems. KIND eliminates these barriers, accommodating children ages K-6th.

In an effort to continue to support this successful and growing organization, MAK Fund provided another grant to provide partial funding for the purchase of 2 used vans that KIND was in great need of for transporting the children to KIND and then home again in the evening.

2019 – Victory Project The Victory Project, Inc. was founded in 2007, as a faith-based non-profit.  They serve disadvantaged young men in the inner-city of Dayton.  Victory Project offers classes and activities, such as Tutoring, Business courses and Bible Studies five nights a week.  Their “Family” sits down for dinner each weeknight.  The students are paired with a program director (PD) who oversees the students experience while participating in the program.  The PD is responsible for the daily programming which includes up to 15 students.  A “team” is created, and a family style of relationship is encouraged among the teams.  A “positive gang”, so to speak.  Each month, the PD takes their team out for a Team-Building activity.  The goal is to encourage comradery and bonding among the students and staff to help build lasting relationships similar to a family.  The MAK Fund’s grant has allowed the “teams” to enjoy a monthly outing for the entire 2019 year.  Outings typically include a dinner out followed by a fun activity. 

 2019 – JoyRide Cars JoyRide is a car club exclusively for kids with special needs.  During JoyRide events, kids trade the everyday worry of doctor’s visits and medication for the change to cruise in high-end or one-of-a-kind cars.  Along with car rides, JoyRide kids enjoy a chance to make new friends, network, and build a sense of belonging.  Kids get an up-close look at the unique cars on display by sitting in them and even going for joy rides!  The sole mission of JoyRide events is to celebrate the lives of children who are often left on the sidelines.  These children may never have the opportunity to play a sport, walk without assistance or even experience typical milestones; however, through JoyRide, they will know what it means to belong and to be celebrated without exception.

The MAK Fund provided the funding for iPads that assist with same-day registration, so volunteers have access to real-time check-in data in order to better prepare their team to greet members by name without hesitation.  The iPads help the pit crew know if one of the cars has an empty time-slot.  This in turn reduces the wait-time for those kids who are registering the day of the event. 

Parent Testimonial:

“Thank you for providing our son, and other special friends like him, a chance to smile! His smiles today made me cry in the most wonderful way!”

2019 – Therapeutic Riding Institute The Therapeutic Riding Institute (TRI) was founded in 1973 to improve the health and lives of children and adults with disabilities. TRI was one of the first in world, and the first in the Dayton region to offer equine-assisted services to people with disabilities.  Through the years, this volunteer-driven community service has touched thousands of lives in the Miami Valley.  Today, TRI offers classes six days a week to nearly 200 students with the help of over 200 volunteers, 7 horses and 8 professional staff members.

TRI Offers the following programs; Therapeutic Horseback Riding, Equine Assisted Learning, Horses Assisting Heroes, Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, and Field Trips. For individuals with emotional challenges, the unique relationship formed with the horse can lead to increased confidence, patience and self-esteem.

We were proud to provide the funding for the construction of an ADA compliant mounting ramp in the indoor arena at their new location.   This mounting ramp has expanded the student eligibility to a variety of activities that previously they were unable to negotiate the mounting block which prohibited them from participating.  

2019 – Girls on the Run of Dayton Girls on the Run inspires girls to recognize their inner strength and celebrate what makes them one of a kind.  Trained coaches lead small teams through a research-based curriculum which includes dynamic discussions, activities and running games.  Over the course of the ten-week program, girls in 3rd-8th grade develop essential skills to help them navigate their worlds and establish a lifetime appreciation for health and fitness.  The program culminates with girls positively impacting their communities through a service project and being physically and emotionally prepared to complete a celebratory 5k event.

The MAK grant was used for scholarships for those who cannot afford the registration fee of $150.  GOTR takes pride in ensuring that no girl is turned away due to financial constraints.  Twenty girls were able to participate this year because of our financial contribution.

2019 – Flying Horse Farm Flying Horse Farms is a medical specialty camp that provides healing, transformative experiences for children with serious illnesses and their families – free of charge.  Located in Mt. Gilead, Ohio, camp first opened its gates in 2010 and hosts about 900 children and families each year. 

2019 – Four Paws for Ability 4 Paws for Ability enriches the lives of children with disabilities by training and placing quality, task-trained service dogs. This provides increased independence for the children, and assistance to their families. And 4 Paws also works with veterans from recent conflicts who’ve lost the use of their limbs or their hearing while in active combat.

2019 – Oak Tree Corner The Oak Tree Corner provides a safe and caring community where children and teens from the greater Dayton area can learn to deal with the grief from the death of someone important. They can communicate with their peers about the experience and can develop inner strength for healthy living through guidance and support.

2019 – Play For Payne  The Play4Payne Foundation is in honor of a young man named Payne who suffered severe brain injury due to a car accident.  He was in a coma for 13 days and spent 8 weeks in the hospital recovering.  The foundation supports families who experience TBI injuries and gives back to Payne’s community that supported his family during their time of need.  The funds are used for hospital informational care packages and financial assistance for families who are experiencing TBI injuries, hospital gift cards, Young Life Scholarships and local scholarships.

2019 – Riley Children’s Hospital in Indianapolis The Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health is a children’s hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. It is named for James Whitcomb Riley, a writer and poet who lived in Indianapolis. 

2019 – S.C.O.R.E. of Louisville S.C.O.R.E. Louisville recognizes that among the refugees from 30 countries, the children served at the English as a Second Language School (ESL) between the ages of 4-18 often cannot communicate with each other due to language differences.  Maybe the only common denominator is the international language of soccer.  Providing soccer equipment and support to the children served by ESL will also give them a way of communicating with each other and a way of welcoming them to their country through soccer which also connects them to their homelands.

2019 – Youth on Course – Miami Valley Golf Association Golf teaches important social, mental, and physical skills and each round is filled with learning potential. Providing youth with access to affordable golf is the core of what we do. Youth on Course members play golf at hundreds of participating courses for $5 or less. The grant was given to the local Youth on Course organization so that it will stay in the Dayton area.

2018 –United Rehabilitation Services (URS) URS offers accredited programs for infants, children, adults, and seniors with developmental and acquired disabilities. This MAK grant expanded the Early Childhood Education Program offerings and provide a fully-accessible and accommodating environment that fosters, learning, interaction with peers and quality care in the classroom.  It provided the funds for a new Pre-K Classroom which has the capacity for 12 children, ages 4-5 with a variety of developmental delays and disabilibilities.  It also funded the addition of a Tadpole monitoring system. 

2018 – KIND – Kids in New Directions KIND is a faith-based after school and summer program for school age children. They have been feeding the mind, body and spirit of inner-city children since 1987. They generally serve more than 60 children a year. The KIND mission has focused on giving students new, enriching learning opportunities, providing them with a warm meal, teaching them to live healthy and introducing them to a loving Christian environment where their physical and emotional needs can be addressed.

KIND opened an Outdoor Classroom in the fall 2017 with a Trunk or Treat event in which 15 children registered. Then in the Spring of 2018, Shoes4Shoeless provided 125 pairs of shoes to children in the community and 22 new children registered for KIND. With the growing interest in the program and use of the Outdoor Classroom, the MAK Fund grant was given to support two projects to make the Outdoor Classroom safer. First, the hardscape needed to be resurfaced (uneven areas and potholes) to allow the children to safely play on the space. In addition to asphalt, the hardscape is a “shortcut” between the street and alley. This grant provided fencing/gates replacement to ensure cars do not cut through the lot during events. 

 2018 – 2017 – 2016 – Reds Community Fund  The Reds Rookie Success League is a free, coed, character building summer baseball program.  It is an introductory baseball program for boys and girls who normally would not be able to afford this type of program.  It features baseball instruction while focusing on a character-based curriculum and the “Six Stars of Success” – Cooperation, Integrity, Respect, Education, Determination and Spirit (CI REDS).  The goal is to increase the interest in baseball and softball for children in the greater Dayton.  The MAK Fund grant was able to provide two scholarships for children.

2017 – Shoes 4 The Shoeless –Shoes 4 The Shoeless provides new, correctly fitting gym shoes and socks to Southwest Ohio children in desperate need. Through a uniquely efficient and effective system, we help children eliminate one of poverty’s most visible stigmas. Through this grant, shoes and socks were provided for 1,000 children.

2017-Oak Tree Corner – Oak Tree Corner is a grieving center for children.  Pizza dinner was provided through this funding at every support group meeting in 2017.  

2016 – Brigid’s Path – Brigid’s Path aims to provide treatment for narcotic exposed infants who suffer from withdrawal when born in the Miami Valley by following evidence-informed, compassionate weaning protocols recommended by Ohio Perinatal Quality Collaborative (OPQC) under the direction of neonatal practitioners, with a staff of nurses, clinical technicians and a team of screen and trained volunteers. It will also be a place to educate families about infant safety and special needs of NAS infants, to connect families with other resources in the community. They will treat 220-250 drug-exposed babies per year in the Dayton area and Southwest Ohio. Brigid’s Path patients will be transferred from three major hospital systems in the Dayton region. There is no other treatment center like this in the Dayton area.

The grant from the Mark Kreusch Memorial Fund will provide the 24 nursery cribs, mattresses and sheets needed in their new facility. The facility is slated to open in mid-late 2016.


2016 – Girls on the Run – Girls on the Run (GOTR) employs running and other physical activities as a medium for teaching essential life skills and core values for living an emotionally healthy and physical active lifestyle. Over the course of around 10-12 weeks, 3rd -5th grade girls participating in the program explore and discuss experiences and challenges that girls face, as well as develop important strategies and skills to help them navigate life experiences. Physical activity is woven into the program from beginning to end to inspire an appreciation for fitness and to build habits that lead to a lifetime of health. The culminating experience of the program is a celebratory, non-competitive 5k.

The grant awarded to Girls on the Run of Dayton will provide full financial assistance to 20 girls whose families cannot afford to pay the $150 participation fee.


2016 – Boonshoft Museum of Discovery – The Mark Kreusch Memorial Fund is proud to be a lead sponsor for the Free Family Science Night at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery in Dayton, Ohio. The goal is to offer a “free” opportunity to visit and enjoy a myriad of informal, experimental science-related programs and activities, reaching everyone from toddlers to grandparents. We are happy to be part of the education of the children in the Dayton community.

2016 – Ronald McDonald House of Dayton – RHMC provides convenient accommodations where guest families can sleep, enjoy home-cooked meals, take showers, catch up on laundry and enjoy respite from the hospital environment.  A family room was constructed within the hospital to provide food, beverages, laundry and showers while not leaving the hospital to stay close to their young patient.  It is beneficial to these families to be near their children at this stressful and delicate time. This grant helped build this room that so many are able to use. 

2016 – Victory Project- The Victory Project has been a hugely successful organization with its high school program. They are expanding this highly sought after service to include middle school-aged young men. This will compliment the high school program, which recently celebrated it’s five-year anniversary. The middle school program is designed to address the ever-growing need to reach out to younger teen boys, ages 11-14. Montgomery County has seen an increase in offenders in this younger age range. The VP’s goal is to expand the programming to accommodate this age range and to make a positive impact in the lives of these boys and give them an alternative to “the streets”. The goal is for these boys to find hope, understand that God has a plan for their lives, and with goals and hard work, they will be able to attain positive life changes. With the grant from The Mark Kreusch Memorial Fund, VP will be able to fund this middle school program that is much needed in the Dayton community.

2016 – Homework Help – Grant renewal for the 3rd year in a row which will provide the funding needed to have transportation to the students’ homes after their tutoring. Without this transportation, these students would not attend the after school tutoring and these are the students that are in the most need of the extra help. (for more info refer to 2015 and 2014 grants)

2015 – RIVER OF HOPE: River of Hope, located in Waynesville, Ohio, is a unique organization with whom we are excited to announce our involvement with for 2015. This Christian non-profit organization offers mental health counseling to children, adolescents, and adults using a unique and innovative tool – horses. Founded by 2 sisters who’s dream of transforming the lives of those whose hope had been crushed by the inevitable pain of this life. They believe in providing only the highest standards of care that are proven, leading-edge, and evidence-based treatment approaches. The treatment program combines the knowledge of trauma informed care & traumatology research, neuroscience, and equine-assisted psychotherapy to create a dynamic restorative experience. They specialize in the treatment of trauma, however, they will service individuals seeking assistance with problems of depression, anxiety, grief, and attachment and relational disorders.

River of Hope Ranch provides a natural environment that extends beyond a traditional therapy room. Under the guidance of a licensed professional clinical counselor and an equine-specialist, clients learn how to recognize what is going on inside of them and how they have the ability to transform from a life of pain to a life of meaning and purpose.

Currently, therapy sessions that include the horses are conducted outside. Weather can play a tricky role in these sessions. River of Hope will be receiving funds from the Mark Kreusch Memorial Fund to build a covered riding arena which will allow therapy sessions to be held all year regardless of weather. This arena will also provide the opportunity for more individuals and larger groups to receive treatment and allow for the growth of their other programs including the childhood sexual abuse prevention program. The arena construction will begin in Spring 2015 with a completion date sometime late summer 2015.

2015 – OAK TREE CORNER: After several years of hard play, the MAK (Mark Andrew Kreusch) Arena at Oak Tree Corner is in need of some repairs and new equipment. In 2009, the MAK Fund created a room at Oak Tree Corner that gives the children the opportunity to “play” while coping with their grief. This room is used often and will continue to provide the children a way to channel the BIG ENERGY of grief.

The grant that we are providing in 2015 will fund the replacement of worn out equipment and some necessary repairs from the years of play.

“The MAK Arena is a special and beloved part of our program.”
-Vicki Braun, Executive Director, Oak Tree Corner

2015 – HOMEWORK HELP (grant renewal): The impact of having this transportation for the 2013-2014 school was amazing. The Ambassadors to the MAK Fund decided to renew the grant for 2014-2015 school year. Students who would not have been able to attend these tutoring sessions were able to attend because of the MAK Fund.

“The grant we received from THE MARK KREUSCH MEMORIAL FUND in 2013 was a game changer for our program!”
-Kelley Anderson, School Counselor, Bellbrook Schools

2015 – SECRET SMILES: Sleeping in a bed with a blanket, pillow, sheets and a comforter seems normal to most. Unfortunately, not every child has a bed to sleep in at night. Children sleep on a cold floor with an old sheet, infants sleep on an old mattress with no blanket and mothers despair because they are unable to provide the basic necessity of beds for their children. Seret Smiles of Dayton has a simple mission. They are committed to helping improve the life of families in our community by providing children with beds, cribs and bedding to those who are without.

With this grant, ten children in the Miami Valley will receive new beds.

2015 – SIGHTLESS CHILDRENS CLUB: Sightless Children’s Club (SCC) is for parents of blind/visually impaired children and young adults who care about the education and social needs of those who are visually impaired. They supply specialized equipment needed to enhance the educational endeavors of visually impaired individuals at the grade school, high school, college and work-related levels enabling them to function on the same level as their sighted peers.

This grant will provide seating and upgrades to SCC’s media room, where the visually impaired children play the Wii, watch TV and play musical instruments together.

2015 – THERAPEUTIC RIDING INSTITUTE: The Therapeutic Riding Institute (TRI) provides equine-assisted activities and therapy to special needs students living in the Dayton area. The benefits of animal-assisted activities and therapies are astounding and leads to increased confidence, patience and self-esteem. Five basic goals are enhanced communication skills, following multi-step directions, learning right and left improved balance, muscle tone and strengthening, and promoting students move towards independence.

  TRI has recently moved to a new location and added an outdoor arena. To complete this project they have asked for a mounting block and bleachers. The MAK Memorial Fund grant provided the funds to complete this wish. The mounting block will allow the students to mount their horse before entering the arena. Otherwise, the students would have to wait for the indoor riders to mount their horses and then use the indoor mounting block and be led outdoors to the outdoor arena. This take valuable class time away from the students. The portable bleachers provides the parents/caregivers a place to sit and observe classes in the outdoor arena. The bleachers will be used during our end of season horse shows so that the families can observe their student ride.

The grant allows TRI students to continue to improve their posture, balance, mobility, function, sensory integration, body position and decreased spasticity along with psychological and emotional benefits. These classes allow the students to participate in an extra-curricular activity that otherwise might not be available to them.


2015 – REDS ROOKIE SUCCESS LEAGUE – SCHOLARSHIPS: Mark’s love of baseball combined with our annual MAK Baseball Tournament inspired a grant to the Reds Rookie Success League. We provided scholarships which allowed two young athletes to attend this summer baseball camp for children in the Dayton area.

2014 – THE VICTORY PROJECT: The MAK Fund was introduced to The Victory Project and its director Monnie Bush at the awards dinner for Channel 7’s “Making a Difference” recipients in August 2013. Immediately, we knew it would be a great organization to partner with. The Victory Project’s mission is to expose disadvantaged youth to the potential of a positive socioeconomic standing through education, entrepreneurship and enlightenment. As part of the education and entrepreneurship focus, youth members are provided opportunities to work in the community for income and to provide service. Some examples of regular work they perform are landscaping, managing a greenhouse nursery, and managing a farm. Transportation plays a critical role in the effectiveness of the mission.

The MAK Fund issued a grant of $10,000 to The Victory Project for the purchase of a 15-passenger van. This will open a new door for the members of The Victory Project. They will use the van to transport members to college visits, job fairs, contract work and church activities, as well as recreational outings.

Members of The Victory Project meet Monday-Friday after school at their facility on Fifth Street in Dayton, Ohio. The members are offered classes and activities each night, such as tutoring, business courses and bible studies and each night they sit down for a “family style” dinner.

The motto of The Victory Project is “It’s less about what we do and more about what we undo.”

The MAK Fund is excited to be part of helping The Victory Project achieve its mission and provide the funds needed to purchase the van that will take away the burden of transportation, thus allowing them to focus on preparing these young men for their adult life.

For more information go to: www.victoryproject.org

2014 – TOGETHER WE FIGHT: Together We Fight was created by two families who have been the best of friends for many years, and who both had a child diagnosed with cancer. The organization provides support to families facing the monumental hurdle of a childhood cancer diagnosis. The goal is to provide care bags to the approximately 60 families a year at Dayton Children’s Hospital who are faced with childhood cancer. The MAK Fund’s $5,000 grant helped this organization purchase bags and initial supplies such as cafeteria gift cards, gas cards, personal care items and a comfort item for the child.

This is a brand new program, with the first care package delivered to Dayton Children’s Hospital in January 2014. A hospital social worker provides the bag to the family during the child’s first week of treatment in the hospital when parents are typically unable or unwilling to go home and get basic items. The bags offer some comfort in this area, and also provide contact information and support to the families so they know they are not alone

The MAK Fund hopes our grant will assist Together We Fight in helping local young cancer patients’ families in their time of crisis, as the Kreusch family received so much support during their time of need.

2014 – HOMEWORK HELP (Bell Creek Intermediate School – Bellbrook, Ohio): The Homework Help program has been in place at Bell Creek Intermediate School for about 10 years. Selected Bellbrook High School students meet after school twice a week in small groups with selected Bell Creek Intermediate students to assist with homework, teach them how to study for tests, work on basic skills and serve as role models. The students in the program are all in third-fifth grade, and range in age from 8-11 years old. Bell Creek students are invited to the program if they are at-risk academically or socio-economically. Some students benefit from the program because they have little to no assistance at home with their school work. Students, parents, and teachers alike have had nothing but wonderful things to say about this program.

Although about 30 students are enrolled annually, there is capacity to increase this number. A roadblock for student participation has been transportation. Many of the students who could really benefit from Homework Help are unable to attend because their parents cannot provide transportation home. Therefore, The MAK Fund has provided a $1,000.00 grant that will pay for a school van to transport home any children who qualify for the program but have no transportation. This will ensure that every child that wants to be in the program is able to attend.

2014 – OWEN’S PLACE: Owen’s Place, located in Rotary Park in Beavercreek, Ohio, is an ongoing project dedicated to increasing universally-designed recreational activities so individuals of all abilities are able to enjoy each other’s company on a level playing field.

Discussions for this project began in 2007, with actual planning starting in 2010. Since then more than $300,000 has been raised and Phase I, the Shadow Play area, has been completed. Plans for the entire 9.75-acre area include traditional playground equipment that is designed for use by both children with and without disabilities, a tree house area, and accessible baseball diamonds so both children and adults may participate in this sport. When completed, it will be the only site in the United States that has all three of these features located on the same site.

While playgrounds are generally thought of as children’s venues, this one has additional merit. It will enable an adult with a disability (parent, grandparent, or guardian) to accompany a child to the park. Currently, there are limited play areas in the Miami Valley that are considered accessible to all individuals with various needs.

The MAK Fund is pleased to donate $1,000 to Phase II of Owen’s Place, The Tree House area.

2014 – STS. PETER AND PAUL ACADEMY: When the original Sts. Peter and Paul Elementary school closed at the end of the school year in 2007, a group of affected families set out on a mission. With a desire to have their children continue attending a Catholic primary school, these “Founding” families decided that it was important for all families to continue to worship and learn together in the Valley area of Reading, Ohio.

Things started to fall into place for these families. A deserted elementary school within one mile of the old school was available, fundraisers were held, and the “miracle” of SPPA began. With only three months until the start of the new school year, much work needed to be accomplished including receiving approval by the State of Ohio and refurbishing the building. Refurbishing included cleaning floors and windows, repairing plumbing and electrical, painting, and furnishing the school. Donations came from far and wide, but the blood, sweat, and tears came from the “Founders.” They gave up their entire summer, sun up to sun down, 24/7 to accomplish this mission of opening the new school.

Parents, Founders, students, friends and family continue to volunteer at the school. The school nurse, electricians, plumbers, maintenance and groundskeeper are all volunteers. The students and families even clean the school, helping to keep tuition manageable which helps keep this “miracle” school open not just now but for many years to come.

Currently in its sixth year, God continues to bless SPPA with generous supporters and willing volunteers. With hard work and Faith, the school continues to grow. One goal of SPPA is to provide each student with an iPad. Primary schools in the U.S. that have rolled out iPads into their classrooms have seen student engagement and test scores dramatically increase. These students not only learn how to use current technology but also learn how to become good digital citizens.

The MAK Fund is proud to support SPPA by donating $1,000 toward its iPad campaign. This grant was matched by a friend of the MAK Fund for a total of $2,000, which will purchase five iPads, insurance and protective cases. These iPads will be used in the classroom to supplement student learning with educational apps and ultimately interactive digital textbooks.

2013 – DONATION TO DAYTON CHILDREN’S MEDICAL CENTER: The Mark Kreusch Memorial Fund Facebook campaign was a huge success! In February of 2013, the MAK Fund challenged our current Facebook friends to help us achieve 500 likes by the end of the month. In return, we pledged to donate $500 in honor of Valentine’s Day to the Cardiology Clinic at Dayton Children’s Medical Center. The response was amazing! We achieved over 500 likes in record time! The money donated will be used to purchase Dinemap blood pressure machines that are desperately needed in the cardiology clinic. Thank you to all who helped us accomplish this goal. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates and upcoming events.

2013 – THE FIRST TEE: The MAK Fund partnered with the First Tee of Miami Valley. Their mission, “to impact the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life-enhancing values, and promote healthy choices through the game of golf,” aligns perfectly with ours. Please check them out at www.thefirstteemv.org. Our grant sent children to the summer golf clinics in Dayton, Ohio.

2013 – MARK A. KREUSCH SAFETYVILLE VILLAGE (Centerville, Ohio): We have teamed up with the Centerville Evening Optimists to revive the Centerville Safetyville Village. This grant will fund the rebuilding, upgrading and reimplementation of Centerville’s Safetyville Square. The program teaches safety and respect for the law to children as they enter Kindergarten. The program lost funding in 2012 and we are so excited to help the Centerville Evening Optimists bring it back to life! The importance of street safety is key when children begin riding buses or walking to school. Mark Kreusch Safetyville Square will be ready to operate this summer with the hope of helping over 200 students in 2013. 

2013 – FLYING HORSE FARMS: Located on over 200 acres of land just outside of Gilead, Ohio, Flying Horse Farms provides a camp for children with serious illnesses. Flying Horse Farms serves children from Ohio and all over the Midwest. Children ages 7-15 years that are too ill to participate in traditional camps can experience a true camp experience. Family camps are part of the program which recognizes that the entire family of a seriously ill child can benefit from the magic of the camp. Campers sleep in cabins and eat together in a dining hall. They swim, canoe and sing out of tune campfire songs. It allows these children the opportunity to just be kids and forget about their illness for a while. We will be donating the funds to send one child to this camp in 2013. To learn more, go to www.flyinghorsefarms.org.

2012 – THE MARK KREUSCH NATURE PLAYCE: In June of 2012, The Mark A Kreusch Memorial Fund was excited to officially cut the ribbon on the Mark Kreusch Nature Playce. Funds were provided in a grant to build this first natural playground in Centerville, OH. The park is unique in its’ design as all elements of this play area are built from natural materials. Children may experience a whole new world when entering this park through the gate. There are the stump jumps, wooden teeter totters, digging pit, fort building area, mulch hill to climb and much much more. This is truly an outdoor experience in the woods. The Nature Playce is located behind the Nature Nook at Grants Park on McEwen Road.

2011 – MAK TOWN: The Mark Andrew Kreusch Memorial Fund donated the funds for all of the buildings at The Life Enrichment Center’s new safety village, called MAK Town. MAK Town will serve young children with fun, practical lessons that address multiple aspects of safety. This self-contained program will highlight safety on the road and sidewalk as a bicyclist as well as a pedestrian, focusing on personal safety, responsibility and wellness. The focus will be on accident prevention highlighting the importance of wearing a helmet during biking, practicing biking rules of the road, basic bicycle maintenance, on personal safety and on fire safety. The centerpiece of the program is the permanent mini-town featuring scaled down buildings, streets and road signs just the right size for peddle cars and children. Children will be excited to navigate a town just their size and will learn to recognize and follow traffic signs and rules of the road. Children will use peddle cars in the program. Involving children in the program will include taking turns at being a driver, being a pedestrian, and being a crossing guard so that learning is maximized and reinforced. Classroom space in the LEC Bike Shoppe will be utilized for appropriate segments of the lessons. The program, adjusted to match specific age/developmental groups, will be available to local pre-school and elementary programs as well as individual families. Sessions will be offered several times a year, starting in the spring of 2011 and will be staffed by volunteers and managed by the Program Coordinator. Assistance from local police and fire departments will be solicited for curriculum and/or teaching expertise. Coordination is already underway with area organizations such as Greater Dayton Area Safe Kids (Coordinated by Dayton Children’s Medical Center) and Creating Healthy Communities. The grand opening was held on April 30th. Community leaders, volunteers and friends of the program all gathered to celebrate the opening of MAK Town. This will be a staple in the safety of the children in our community for years to come.



2011 – CHRIST CHILD SOCIETY – CLOTHE A CHILD PROGRAM: Christ Child Society of Dayton provides coats, shoes and uniforms to the neediest children in the Miami Valley. The children are given vouchers for these items and may go to area JC Penney stores to “purchase” the item of their choice. This project plans on handing out almost 1,000 vouchers to children in our area. The goal of this program is to keep children in school by providing them with the basic necessities in school clothing. Children will come to school in a warm, winter coat, their very own new shoes that fit, and the correct school uniform.

2010 – A KID AGAIN: The Mark Andrew Kreusch Memorial Fund was one of the lead sponsors for A Kid Again?s annual Miracles in Magic in October 2010. A Kid Again is an organization the enriches the lives of children with life threatening illnsses and their families by providing healing times of respite through activities and sestination events. The magic show was held in Centerville High School?s auditorium and featured magicians from around the country. The audience was filled with A Kid Again families and friends. The show was very entertaining and gave these families some time with laughter and amusement instead of doctors and worries. Some children were able to go on stage and participate. The families smiled and showed us their appreciation after the show. Everyone had a wonderful day. Mark?s lively personality was able to shine on these families today!

2010 – Kids In Need Foundation – The Kids In Need Foundation provides a safe place for children after school.  This program is limited due to space.  New school supplies were provided and an updated classroom to keep up with technology thus enriching the children’s education experience. 

2009 – EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION: The Mark Kreusch Memorial Fund was fortunate enough to participate in the TV show Extreme Makeover Home Edition while they built a house for the Terpenning family in Beavercreek, Ohio. The family includes 4 children, mom, dad and their uncle all under the same roof. The family’s father is a wheelchair Olympian and plays on a wheelchair basketball team. Mark loved sports and the Fund donated a basketball hoop to complete the Terpenning’s backyard playground. Committee members were there to deliver the basketball hoop as well as help unload furniture and accessories for the home. It was a wonderful experience to help this well deserving family!

2009 – OAK TREE CORNER PROJECT: Oak Tree Corner, a grieving center for children, was the recipient of our 2009 grant. The Mark Kreusch Memorial Fund provided a grant of $3200.00 for this room. The room is for the children who attend Oak Tree Corner so they have a safe place to play and hang out. The MAK Arena, named after Mark Andrew Kreusch, was finished in the fall of 2009. It is a large room full of fun for kids of all ages! Special thanks to Cheeky Monkey for painting the mural, CertaPro painters for painting the room, Travis Mouse for helping with the foos ball table and Fender Construction for their donation of supplies and labor to build a closet. The room is loved by all who attend and even has a picture of MARK!

2008 – CHRIST THE KING PRESCHOOOL/MMO PLAY GYM: The Mark A. Kreusch Memorial Fund provided its first grant to Christ the King Preschool/MMO Program in Centerville, Ohio. On May 23, 2008, CTK Preschool held its 2008 graduation. Mark attended CTK Preschool for two years, and would have graduated with the 4-year-old class. At the graduation ceremony, Mark was remembered with a dedication of the play gym in his honor.

“Mark loved his preschool and all of the staff and students there. Being a four year old, he was not involved in much else, so school was very important. As our first grant, we wanted to do something for CTK Preschool/Mom’s Morning Out because of the importance it held in Mark’slife and his heart, ” states Suzanne Kreusch, Mark’s mother. “The playground equipment came to our mind right away, because the children would love it, play on it, and resound with the sound of laughter. It is something that Mark would have loved, too.”

The Rainbow play gym was primarily funded by the Mark A. Kreusch Memorial Fund, with additional contributions from family, friends, as well as CTK preschool families and staff. The play gym was purchased from Pete DeLois’ Recreational Outlet. Pete’s installation team worked in conjuction with Marty Grunder, of Grunder Landscaping, to make this project possible.

“CTK Preschool will always be a special place in our family’s heart. Mark loved it there and this is where we can imagine him making friends, learning, and having fun. He will always be a 4 year old preschooler in our minds, and we wish to continue to share his 4 year old spirit with many children, “
– Jon Kreusch, Mark’s father.